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Resources for Coaches & Directors


It is important that all teams participating in Hoop Dreams Nation events understand their responsibilities to not just their own team(s), but to the entire basketball community. 


HDN reserves the right to refuse to allow a team to participate in one of our events if we feel that the team has not taken the proper steps to protect not just themselves, but other teams as well. 


We will not allow for our teams, staff, and basketball officials to be knowingly exposed by a team or program that does not take the appropriate steps, or participates in events that do not take the appropriate steps.

We encourage coaches to utilize the following resources and adopt our best practices to utilize within your team activities.  


Proactive Resources

There are understandable concerns about the liability coaches and clubs have in light of the Covid-19 virus.  However, coaches and clubs can minimize their liability in four ways:

1. Utilize a waiver.  This does not mean that coaches and clubs are 100% covered, but it is one of many steps you can take.

​2. Obtain personal liability insurance.

3. Most importantly: TAKE ACTION& BE PROACTIVE!  Follow proper protocols & best practices during practices, travel, and competitions.  

4. Be cognizant about who is around your team, and what your team is participating in.  We are all in this together, and every person who is a part of the basketball community has a responsibility to all others.  Those who do not feel they have a responsibility, nor care, will not be allowed to participate in HDN events.


Insurance Sources

Call your car/home insurance agent and ask for an Umbrella Policy.



WESTERN PAPER for bulk orders of hand sanitizer & wipes: 303-371-6000

If you have a business card, most stores will allow you to purchase bulk sanitizing spray, gel, wipes, etc.

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