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How to Register

Registration & Payments

How do I register?

Step 1:  Click "Registration" at the top of this page and then create an account.

Step 2:  Add your team/player to your account.  A roster is not required to register for a tournament.

Step 3:  Click the green "register for tournaments" button in the top right corner.

Step 4:  If you want to register for an individual tourney, select the green "register for individual tournaments."  If you want to register for a package, select it from the list.

Step 5:  Select your tournament, fill out the form, & submit payment online.

How can I register and pay later?

Use code "InvoicePlease" to register without paying.  You will receive an invoice that you can pay by card.  There is a processing fee.  You can also pay by Venmo without a processing fee. 


Our Venmo Handle is @hoopdreamsnation.

Pay Later

I can't log-into my account!  Help!

If you can't log-in to you account, please send us an email to or text us at 719-696-3055 to request a password reset or your username.

Log-In Help


Schedule Questions

When does the schedule come out?

The schedule always comes out around the Tuesday before the tournament.  Coaches & managers receive an email with all information, and the link for the schedule.  Schedules are posted to our website under the region & type of tournament and can also be found by searching the Tourney Machine app.

How can I make a schedule request?

Occasionally, teams have to play at certain times because of other schedules or sports, or because two teams share a coach.  To make a schedule request, click "contact" & fill out the schedule request form.

Game Day Info:

Divisions, Locations, Rules...


How are divisions organized?

Teams are placed into divisions that are grade-based instead of age-based.  We will merge or "level" divisions when it makes sense for competition level & number of teams in a division.  The structure of the division varies and is based on how many games the teams will play and how many teams are in the division.  Some divisions will have pool play and then bracket play, while others will be just pool play or just bracket play.

What is the Code of Conduct?

What we do at Hoop Dreams Nation is not about basketball.  It is about giving kids opportunities through the game of basketball to learn life lessons and we want to make sure the environment of our events is one in which kids are seeing positive behavior exhibited by adults.  We have a strong Code of Conduct in place that makes our expectations explicit. 


Some things to know:

Over the years, teams and clubs have been suspended and banned from HDN events for continued violations of our Code of Conduct.


If parents are asked to leave the game, their child is expected to go with them. 


Multiple technicals will turn into suspensions.

Code of Conduct

What are the rules?

There are different rules for different events (3x3 vs 5x5), and for different ages.  Generally, all HDN events follow Colorado High School Athletic Association rules, which are based on the National High School Federation rules with a few exceptions such as length of the game, number of timeouts, jersey requirements, and other "fun" aspects of our 3x3 leagues & tournaments.


Where are games played?

In Colorado Springs, games are played at the following locations:

In the Denver-Metro area, games are played at these locations:


How are ties broken?

2-way tie:  Head-to-Head match-up


Example: If the Eagles & Wolverines are tied with a 2-1 record, and the Eagles beat the Wolverines by 5 points, then the Eagles win the tie-breaker.

3-way tie:  Best point spread

(up to 15 pts) of only the 3 teams that are tied.

Explanation: ONLY THE GAMES INVOLVING ONLY THE 3 TEAMS ARE INCLUDED IN THE POINT SPREAD CALCULATIONS.  ANY GAME THAT INCLUDES A TEAM NOT INVOLVED IN THE TIE IS DISREGARDED.  Total point spread +/- is added up and teams are ranked based on their total point spread.

Next Step: If teams are still tied after point spread, then defensive points are calculated of only the teams involved in the tie with no limit.

Tie Breakers
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