2020 Quarantine Madness

Hoop Dreams Nation presents

It isn't the same March Madness as we expected, but, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!


eSports League Details

$20/league (or 2 for $30)

Week 2: March 23-28

The Details

  • Choose your platform:  Xbox OR PlayStation

  • Choose your game: NBA 2k20, Madden 20, NHL 20, OR MLB 20​

  • ​Choose your time:  12-2 pm MST AND/OR 6-8 PM MST (These are individual leagues, so gamers can choose to play in both if they want to, but must register for both.)

  • Cost: $20/league (or $30 for both for either the same player or siblings)

  • Game Schedule: 10 games guaranteed; 2 games/day for regular season (M-F); Top teams will be invited to the Playoff Saturday.  Game schedules will be released late Sunday evening.

  • Registration Deadline: Sunday, March 22 at 2 pm MST

Other Perks

  • Prize Options: 1st & 2nd place only; Choice of the following

    • Cash prize for 1st place (Determined by number of registrations)

    • Free Hoop Dreams tournament ($160 value)

    • Free highlight video from one of our partners

    • Free 1 hour training session from one of our partners

  • Rankings:  If the "social distancing" practice continues for weeks, players will be ranked over multiple weeks and will be seeded into a large bracket (32-64 teams, depending on registration) for a true MADNESS & PLAYOFF Experience!  Perhaps we will see MAY MADNESS instead of MARCH MADNESS?


  • Click "eSports Registration" at the top of this page.

  • Create an account for Hoop Dreams Nation eSports.  This is a different account from typical basketball registration.  Username must be different.

  • Add your "team" (which is the player) to your account by THEIR USERNAME ON PLAYSTATION OR XBOX.  Where it asks for team name, put their USERNAME FOR PS OR XBOX.

  • Add a roster (which should be the actual info of the player)

  • Each individual player should have their own username because they will be ranked and more than 1 player using the same account will skew results. If you are registering a second player, you must add the second player to the account.

  • Click the green "register for tournaments" button in the top right corner.

  • Choose your event, making sure the time, platform, and game are all accurate.

  • Complete the form, and submit payment.

  • Schedule will come out the day before the games are scheduled to start, along with instructions, settings, and processes.

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