Common Issues & Frequently Asked Questions

I can't sign in.

If you are on a screen that is requesting your email address, you are on the page to create an account, not sign-in with an existing account.  If you still have trouble with signing in once you are on the correct screen, contact us at

I can register for a package, but not for an individual tourney.

Choose the green "Register for Individual Tournaments" instead of a package.

I need to pay after the deadline.

Use code "PayPalOrg" as the promo code to register your team, and request to pay the week of the tournament, rather than before the deadline.  We will be All teams must be fully paid by the end of the tournament, or a $30 LATE FEE will be applied. 

Schedule requests & timelines

Click "Contact" on our website, and then choose the "Schedule Request" page.  Submit your requests.  We strive to meet 100% of schedule requests, but there are times in which it is mathematically impossible to do.

Schedules are typically released sometime on the Tuesday before the tournament, but may come out a little sooner or later.  Coaches and Team Managers will first receive an email with information for the tournament and a notice that the schedule is up on our website and Tourney Machine.  

What ages & skill levels are HDN events for?

We have divisions for all girls and boys 2nd-12th grade.  We typically have multiple divisions that are leveled to ensure all teams can play at the optimal level for improvement.  You'll often see "Bronze," "Silver," and "Gold" divisions and teams are able to choose which is best for them. 

What does a typical schedule look like & when are they published?

Teams will typically play all three games within a condensed time frame to save families time, and to allow coaches to coach multiple teams.  Schedules are always published on Tourney Machine, and will be sent to coaches no later than the Tuesday before the event. 

Where are games usually played?

The location of each individual tournament varies, and each tournament always has more than 1 location due to the large number of teams.  In the Springs, you will often find teams playing at Co Springs Christian Schools, Wasson HS, Doherty HS, Coronado HS, and James Irwin Charter School.  In Denver, tournaments will be held in Superior, Co. 

How are divisions structured?

This depends on the number of teams in a division and the number of games.  However, for all tourneys, we use the Round Robin format, Pool Play-to-Bracket format, and Bracket format, depending. 

Who gets awards?

Those who earned them, of course!  We give awards to all 1st and 2nd place teams for every division.  We also give 3rd place awards for divisions that have 6 teams or more. 

How do I register?

All teams must have a Tourney Team account (through Tourney Machine) in order to register for Hoop Dreams Nation tourneys.  Once you decide to register, click any of the "Register" buttons to do so.  The deadline for all tournaments is the Sunday before.  A $30 late fee will be applied after the deadline. 

What if I still have questions? Contact us!


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